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HIV: Prosecution or Prevention? HIV Is Not a Crime

  Whilst this article talks specifically about cases in the US, it is an important article for us to look at and to begin discussing the issue of working together to get laws that were put in place in the very early days of the HIV epidemic repealed.  We need to be advocating strongly for […]

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Straight With HIV: An Interview With Joshua Middleton

I found this article an interesting read and sometimes it is nice to share stories from a different perspective. This interview is shared from The Body and comes from amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research. From amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research March 17, 2017 Joshua Middleton (Credit: Vincent Carrella) Joshua Middleton was 22 when […]

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Shedding light on HIV discrimination in Australia

Discrimination is described as ‘choosing to treat someone badly or unfairly because of a characteristic that is perceived as different or unwanted’. The HIV virus is ‘different and unwanted’ therefore society often discriminates against individuals living with the virus. The public at large still perceives HIV as terrifying and infectious, immediately questioning ‘What is the […]

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At the click of a button or get to know me?

Everyone has their own way of disclosing their HIV status and there is no right or wrong. A couple of month back Tyler Curry unashamedly wrote an article regarding how he approaches disclosure. It drew all sorts of comments. However it did raise an interesting point. In America in gay culture it seems more common […]

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